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Descriptive Essay on The Lake

Photos and videos may have taken over social media over the past years, but essays remain one of most reliable sources of information for millions of Internet users. A photo may speak a thousand words, but an essay stimulates the mind. A video may convey its message directly, but an essay encourages creativity and imagination.

This is why many people still seek the services of many essay writers to help find inspiration and guidance for their own essay-writing endeavors, or for their website’s search engine optimization.

Websites and social media pages of companies require an endless stream of essays that would describe what their company is about as well as the products and services they offer. Without updating their content, these companies could easily lose the interest of its audience.

Descriptive Type of Essay

Depending on their lines of business, some companies may even require writers to come up with different types of essays. For example, a company selling hard and soft copies of famous literary works may require their writers to come up with promotional essays about the books available in their virtual library.

An online bookseller would like a highly-engaging descriptive essay on The Lake if they are selling this novel series by Annalisa Grant.

Hire a Forte Writer

If you are keeping a website to complement with your company’s conventional marketing plans, ensure a continuous flow leads by hiring a writer that is well-adept with writing descriptive essays about different products and services. But how will you know if someone is a descriptive essays expert?

Direct Descriptions

Ask your potential hire to describe a product or a service in his sample work. You would instantly know if his forte is descriptive essays if he provides direct descriptions of the product or service. If your writer tends to be too formal or even lyrical, you might want to consider other writers or request a different referral from the agency.

Always Specific

An excellent descriptive essay writer is always specific and does not dwell on explaining the obvious. Make sure the essay would not describe what is already in the photo or video, unless a certain feature of the product is vaguely shown in the additional medium included with the essay.

Stating the obvious is like saying one thing repeatedly. This could turn your web visitors off and drive them away completely.

Not a List but a Story

A good descriptive essay writer knows listing the features of your product is not enough to convince visitors to buy it. It should tell a story still, allowing readers to move along with it and take action. A list of product features only applies in shopping websites like Amazon.

If you are managing a blog-type website, use descriptive essays sparingly. Otherwise, your website may be perceived as a hard sell.

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